Pi-oT Module
Pi-oT Module
Pi-oT Module

Pi-oT Module

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Bring your Pi up to standards with our Pi-oT Module.

Read up to 8 analog signals - use the on-board analog digital converter (ADC) to easily interface with sensors in 12 bit accuracy on the Industrial model or 10 bit accuracy on the Commercial model.

Control circuits - controlling circuits with relays is as easy as controlling a GPIO. 5 single pole double throw (SPDT) relays are simply controlled via the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins. Never deal with unreliable and unsafe HATs again.

Integrated cooling - each Module features intelligent open air design and included fan which allows for cooling of the Raspberry Pi. Never over heat again.

Endlessly create - our enclosure features DIN rail mounts on the bottom, as well as mounting holes. No more electrical tape and bread boards. Access ports on the top and an exposed header allow for HATs to be used inside the case, leaving plenty of room for add-ons.

Check out our Quick-start Guide to learn more.

Made in the USA