MKR Module
MKR Module
MKR Module

MKR Module

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  •  Easy GPIO access - We took 21 unused GPIOs plus the I2C pins and routed them to the screw terminals for easy access. 
  •  Port protection - Each of the 21 GPIOs has a 330 ohm resistor in series to protect from over current. No need to worry about frying you Pi.
  •  Integrated Breadboard - Build your own circuits directly on board. Learn, Create, Prototype.
  •  Integrated Cooling - Each Module includes a fan with a designated 5V header to keep you Pi cool and running smooth.
  •  5V circuit protection - Back power you Pi via the 5V terminal, integrated circuit protection allows for a wide range of power supply options.
  •  Versatile enclosure - Our popular enclosure gives your Pi a home with robust screw terminals, a DIN rail mount, screw hole mounting options, as well as auxiliary access ports for a wide range of use cases. 
  •  HAT compatible - The communication GPIOs are left untouched, and a male header allows for direct access to the Pi. Simply place any HAT on the 40 pin header as you would normally.
  •  Compatible with any 40 Pin Raspberry Pi - A, B, Zero, any Pi is welcome.