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The ESP Module is a microcontroller based IoT Module which offers the same great features as our Pi-oT Module, but based off on an ESP32 platform. This allows users who are familiar with Arduino programming or prefer a more lightweight architecture to enjoy all of the benefits of our IoT Modules.

The ESP Module is powered by an ESP32 DEVKITC-32D microcontroller which is included in each order.

The ESP Modules circuitry allows for the control of 4 Panasonic SPDT relays via GPIO pins. This proven design is similar to our Pi-oT Module which replaces the need for unreliable Chinese breakout boards.

In addition, 10 more GPIO pins are routed to the enclosures terminals to harness the power of the ESP32 for a wide range of applications. Due to the flexibility of the ESP32s circuitry, 6 of these pins can easily be configured as analog inputs and 2 can configured as analog outputs. 

We've even included the 5V circuitry protection from the Pi-oT that allows the ESP32 to be powered from the screw terminals. Two more screw terminals act as grounds for power and the GPIO pins.

The ESP Module is an all in one for microcontroller based projects.

Our popular enclosure offers a clean and robust way to incorporate the ESP32 into your projects- no more breadboards and messy wiring. This proven enclosure design has mounting holes as well as DIN rail mounting capabilities. Two auxiliary ports allow for endless hacking and modifications.

Designed, built, and tested in the USA