Top IoT Dashboards for 2021


Top IoT Dashboard for 2021

The top IoT Dashboards for 2021


With a seeming endless number of ways to connect your Raspberry Pi to the cloud, we wanted to make a list of the top IoT dashboards for 2021. This list is intended to help you get started with your edge hardware like the Pi-oT 2 or similar Raspberry Pi based device.

While more advanced deployments may require specialized features, for this article we’re focusing on the best dashboard providers for simplicity, speed of deployment and cost.

Many of the following dashboards work well with the Raspberry Pi and similar hardware thanks to MQTT integration, easy to follow examples, and large communities for support.

The list is ranked from the most simple to most advanced, with each solution at the top of it's class for users developing IoT apps for the Raspberry Pi




Built specifically for the Raspberry Pi, Cloud4RPi is a purpose-built dashboard that works great for individual makers. With the help of a github repository and just a few lines of python, you can easily control devices or read sensors from your web-based dashboard. The free and pay as you go plans offer a great starting point for entry level IoT apps. Cloud4RPi is a great choice for beginners or anyone looking to get data streaming quickly. is an open source cloud platform that offers a ready to go scalable cloud infrastructure for your IoT projects. By enabling deployment through Docker, it makes deploying your project easy, scalable and secure. Additionally, Thinger offers both free and paid plans. works well for users looking for a straightforward platform that also offers advanced features.



Built with LoRaWAN integration at its core, Datacake is a great developer friendly platform. With a focus on low code development, Datacake also offers advanced features like Whitelabeling, Multi-tenancy and a rule engine. Datacake is a great middle of the road solution for users looking to quickly build IoT apps with the ability to add advanced features like running on a LoRaWAN network servers.



Thingsboard is a favorite among the IoT community, in part due to their open-source platform. With easy to build dashboards, a rule engine, cloud hosting solutions, and more, Thingsboard has a feature for everyone. White labeling, Native Multi-tenancy and OTA updates make Thingsboard a great IoT platform for developers looking to implement industrial or commercial solutions.



Kaa by definition is an “End-to-end IoT platform for enterprise IoT projects based on Microservices architecture”. The Kaa IoT platform is based on flexible microservice architecture. This helps it scale and allows you to separately customize each Kaa feature, add new ones, or replace any existing ones with third-party tools. As an end-to-end platform, KaaIoT works great for a larger enterprise solution.




Losant is an enterprise IoT platform that makes it easy to build connected solutions that produce real-time results. According to their website, Losant offers “a unique, low-code approach to application development that offers a level of agility and speed to market that is hard to find anywhere else”. Similar to Kaa and Thingsboard, Losant offers a feature rich end-to-end solution for IoT development.

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